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Your place: Operating projects  > Fanuc > Fanuc turbo blower > FANUC Turbo Blower A04B-0800-C019
Name:FANUC Turbo Blower A04B-0800-C019
FANUC turbo blowers are a critical component in tens of thousands laser machines. FANUC blowers use RF discharge excitation, resulting in improved oscillation efficiency as well as output power stability. The FANUC turbo blowers are among the safest to operate because of the low discharge voltage. They are also highly reliable due to protection of the laser gas from contamination. This is possible because of the use of an external electrode structure such as in the FANUC Laser C series. The RF discharge excitation is stable and uniform, producing excellent pulsing characteristics.

We are the only one who are professional in repairing FANUC turbo blower in Asia.And the warranty time is 20000 hours.

A90L-0001-0350/B,A90L-0001-0350/ B,C1000,C1000iA,C1000E,C1000II,C1500,C2000
A90L-0001-0352/B,A90L-0001-0352/ B,C2000A,C3000。

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